IRS Wage Garnishment Help for West Palm Beach Taxpayers
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IRS Wage Garnishment Help of West Palm Beach, Florida

Like the sharks in West Palm Beach’s many ocean fronts, the IRS has the power to attack when you least expect it. Through their most powerful tactic, wage garnishment, the IRS can ruin your sense of financial security and ability to keep your job, family, and sanity. If you are facing an IRS wage garnishment, do not ignore the IRS warnings. The IRS does not need a judicial determination to administer a wage garnishment against you, so you must act fast!

If the IRS decides to garnish your wages they will send you a series of notices to warn you of a potential garnishment. A CP-297 is the first warning and a CP-90 is the second and final warning. You have two chances, and around 2 months, to stop IRS wage garnishment before it strikes you. If you do not act, the IRS will begin to take your wages and even assets, leaving behind unrelenting domino effect on your personal and professional life.

Can Wage Garnishment Be Stopped?

YES! It is absolutely crucial that you consult a wage garnishment lawyer today. The reliable IRS wage garnishment lawyers at West Palm Beach Pure Tax Resolution have the ability to stop wage garnishment immediately. With the presence of the proper documentation and information, West Palm Beach Pure Tax has the ability to step in and stop IRS wage garnishment within 24 hours.

In addition, we must be able to show the IRS that you have a plan for resolving your back tax debt. Our seasoned tax attorneys will work with you to formulate a easy to follow plan that will not only demonstrate to the IRS that you are serious about resolving your back tax problems, but will assist you in your financial future.

We are here to provide wage garnishment help as quickly and effective as possible. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. (561) 293-2577